Cummins Recalls over 5,000 Engines

Over 5,000 Engines recalled

Over 5,000 Engines recalled

On July 7, 2016, Cummins Inc. began recalls for roughly 5,400 ISX12 and ISX15 heavy duty diesel commercial truck engines built between March 7 and April 12 of this year after it learned that these engines each contain an electronic control module that can suffer an electrical short after moisture breaches the part through a defective masking cap. The short causes a critical fuse to blow that can cause the engine to stall suddenly. As every commercial truck owner and driver knows, a sudden stall while driving can potentially cause a crash or collision. Unless truck owners and drivers replace both the ECM and fuse, they are then completely unable to restart the affected engine.

Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received no reports of crashes, Cummins will permanently replace defective ECMs with non-defective ones at no cost to owners. The parts involved with this recall are:

– Part number 4358814 for the ISX12 engine

– Part numbers 5317106 and 4358814 for the ISX15 engine

Owners should direct any inquiries to Cummins at 800-343-7357 and provide the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reference number 16E-047.

The NHTSA originally announced this recall via a press release on June 21, 2016.

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