Program for Under 21 Military Trained Drivers

Program for Under 21 Military Trained Drivers

Program for Under 21 Military Trained Drivers

Under the current federal regulations, it’s not possible for anyone under the age of 21 to legally drive a commercial vehicle across state lines. This restriction prevents many young drivers from transporting materials for transport businesses. The limit was put in place because many people feel as though young drivers would present an unneeded risk to themselves and other motorists.

Although drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 can obtain a commercial driver’s license, they are only permitted to engage in intrastate travel. These drivers often find it difficult to get into the field as a result. But a new law is being considered that will make an exception for anyone who has experience driving for the military.

Young soldiers often find it difficult to get a job when they return home, and many transport companies are in need of qualified and dedicated drivers to help them meet their goals.

It would only make sense to allow those who have proven themselves in the past to be considered for civilian truck driving positions that require interstate transportation. Drivers who have proven their competence during their military career would likely be more of an asset than a liability.

If the new act is implemented, young drivers will likely face more strict regulations than their experienced counterparts. The possible restrictions would require drivers who are under the age of 21 to have monitoring software installed on the trucks that they drive.

The tracking system could determine whether the drivers follow their instructions and drive in a safe manner that will not harm others or put the company at risk for a lawsuit. These restrictions were met with mixed reactions, and some believe that drivers who are young and experienced should be given the same level of trust as anyone else.

Before the government will make any changes to the current regulations, they are going to use a pilot program to test the concept. The test will help them decide whether moving forward with the new law is beneficial to everyone who is involved, and they will use the program to see how safely the young drivers can operate commercial vehicles for extended periods of time.

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