Trucker Rescues Driver In Flood Waters

Trucker Rescues Driver

Trucker Rescues Driver In Flood Waters

Daniel Siezkarsi is a driver for Melton Truck Lines. He recently rescued another driver whose tractor trailer was stuck in floodwater. Daniel was named a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carrier Association.

Daniel was driving on Interstate 10 near Brookshire, Texas on April 18, 2016. He heard that a flood alert had been issued. Shortly after he heard the alert, he saw a tractor trailer trapped in the flood water. He knew that something was not right. He moved the truck to a safe place. When he arrived on the scene, he saw that the flood water was rising.

Daniel stated that he did not realize how bad the flood was until he got close to the scene. He had never seen flooding before that day. There was another motorist who had stopped. Daniel borrowed some tubing and life vest from the motorist. He tied the tubing to the vest and convinced the driver to get out of the truck and swim to safety.

Daniel and the driver managed to get to safety by holding onto the tubing. Both of them were unarmed despite the fact that the water was rising quickly. An hour after the driver was rescued, Daniel found out the other driver’s truck had fully submerged in the water. The driver may have died if it had not been for Daniel.

The Truckload Carrier Association gave Daniel a patch, lapel pin, truck decals and a certificate. Melton Truck Lines was also given a certificate that acknowledged the driver’s heroic act. Daniel was asked why he decided to risk his life for a stranger. He stated that his wife had died three years ago. He said that he did not know whether the driver was married or had children, but he did not want the driver’s family to go through what he has been through.

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